How it works


Athlete of the week chooses a charity. All donations collected will be donated to the charity.


Charity goes on for 2 weeks. From Monday evening to Monday midday. You can buy multiple tickets for the lottery. You will receive lottery ticket numbers via email.

Lottery Draft

At the end of the second week, we will draw (using random number generator) one ticket which will get the shirt. We will announce the winner in a Facebook Live Event on Mondays (19:00 UTC+0).

Icelandic Men Football National Team

Athlete of the week 


We have raised over 2.194.000 kr ISK

Previous Charity Lotteries

Hörður Björgvin Magnússon

Total Amount: 63.000 Kr ISK

Donation: Stuðningur fyrir Ægir Þór Sævarsson

Aron Einar Gunnarsson

Total Amount: 200.000 Kr ISK
Donation: Split between :
Minningarsjóður Baldvins Rúnarssonar and
Hetjurnar Félag Langveikra barna á Norðurlandi

Guðrún Arnardóttir

Total Amount: 65.000 Kr ISK
Donation: Krabbameinsfélagið (Icelandic Cancer Society) 

Arnór Ingvi Traustason

Total Amount: 110.000 Kr ISK

Donation: Styrktarfélag Lamaðra og Fatlaðra

Árni Björn Kristjánsson

Total Amount: 35.000 Kr ISK

Donation: Einstök Börn

Dagný Brynjarsdóttir

Total Amount: 178.000 Kr ISK

Donation: Minningarsjóður Ólafar Bjarnadóttur

Rúnar Már Sigurjónsson

Total Amount: 54.000 Kr ISK

Donation: Einstök Börn

Guðbjörg Gunnarsdóttir

Total Amount: 43.000 Kr ISK

Donation: Hjartavernd

Jón Guðni Fjóluson

Total Amount: 88.000 Kr ISK

Donation: Einstök Börn 

Höskuldur Gunnlaugsson

Total Amount: 17.000 Kr ISK

Donation: Barnaspítalasjóð Hringsins(Children Hospital of Iceland)

Birkir Már Sævarsson

Total Amount: 57.000 Kr ISK

Donation: BUGL (Landspítalinn) 

Kristófer Acox

Total Amount: 73.000 Kr ISK

Donation: Krabbameinsfélagið

Anna Björk Kristjánsdóttir

Total amount: 60.000 Kr ISK
Donation: Ný Dögun

Albert Guðmundsson

Total Amount : 67.000 Kr ISK 
Donation: Specialisterne á Íslandi (Specialisterne Iceland)

Tryggvi Hrafn Haraldsson

Total Amount : 59.000 Kr ISK 
Donation: Minningasjóður Einars Darra (Memorial of Einar Darri) 

Martin Hermannsson

Total Amount : 123.000 Kr ISK 
Donation: Parkinsonsamtökin (Parkinson Organization of Iceland) 

Alfons Sampsted

Total Amount: 23.000 Kr ISK

Donation: Alzheimersamtökin

Ari Freyr Skúlason

Total Amount: 56.000 Kr ISK

Donation: Ljónshjarta

Bjarki Már Sigvaldason

Total Amount : 73.000 Kr ISK

Donation: Sponsorship of Bjarki Már Sigvaldason

Óttar Magnús Karlsson

Total Amount : 56.000 Kr ISK

Donation: Barnaspítali Hringsins  (Children Hospital of Iceland) 

Böðvar Böðvarsson

Total Amount : 74.000 Kr ISK

Donation: Minningasjóður Orra Ómarsonar  (Memorial of Orri Ómarson: Preventing Youth Suicide) 

Icelandic Women National Team

Total Amount : 53.000 Kr ISK 
Donation: Parkinsonsamtökin (Parkinson Organization of Iceland) 

Gunnhildur Yrsa Jónsdóttir

Total Amount : 99.000 Kr ISK 
Donation: Samtök Endurhæfðra mænuskaddaðra (Icelandic Organization of Rehabilitated Spinal Cord)

Guðlaugur Victor Pálsson

Total Amount : 21.000 Kr ISK 
Donation: Barnaspítalasjóð Hringsins(Children Hospital of Iceland)

Aron Jóhannsson

Total Amount : 32.000 Kr ISK 
Donation: Barnaspítalasjóð Hringsins (Children Hospital of Iceland)

Rúrik Gíslason

Total Amount : 177.000 Kr ISK 
Donation: Konukot (Emergency shelter for women by Red Cross)

Sif Atladóttir

Total Amount : 90.000 Kr ISK 
Donation: Krabbameinsfélagið (Cancer Organization of Iceland) 

Andri Rúnar Bjarnason

Total Amount : 62.000 Kr ISK 
Donation: Parkinsonsamtökin (Parkinson Organization of Iceland) 

Kári Árnason

Total Amount : 39.000 Kr ISK 
Donation: Barnaspítalasjóð Hringsins (Children Hospital of Iceland)

Rúnar Alex Rúnarsson

Total Amount : 47.000 Kr ISK 
Donation: Sponsorship Society of Children Cancer Iceland (Styrktarfélag Krabbameinssjúkra Barna)